I just wanted to thank you for providing this site. As a designer, I am often in need of textures and images that are royalty-free. This site is a gem. Cheers!
Portland, United States - 2009-10-28

Your pictures are full of the most brilliant light. I just want to look at them again and again - no projects, just want to have them on my desktop to look at. Thanks for the the joy that your pictures inspire!
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada - 2009-10-28

The pictures are beautiful. I need to find pictures for my new websited estore. I need anything from Maternity to Newborns to Toddlers, to infuse into the pages as theme pictures. Are there any free pictures out there along these lines?
Tishomingo, OK, USA - 2009-10-28

Thank you for your photos which I hope to use in Worship Services.
Pittsburgh, PA, USA - 2009-10-24

Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful pictures!

Thank you for your generosity in sharing, your pictures are beautiful and I am sure I will find many uses for them in my projects.
Angie f wootton
uk - 2009-10-20

Very Thankfull
Newcastle, Australia - 2009-10-14

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Thanks, I love your photographs.
Sunshine Coast, Australia - 2009-10-08

thank you so very much
mt nebo, wva - 2009-10-06

Good work, ty
Tana Hamiter
Sedro Woolley, USA - 2009-09-30

Thank you for setting a great example of sharing and open source.
John Lee
San Marcos, CA, USA - 2009-09-30

Thanks, your pictures are great!
Dave Parker
USA - 2009-09-27

Thank-you so very much for your generosity!
USA - 2009-09-26

Thank you!
Anne Palokangas
Oulu, Finland - 2009-09-23

Thank you for the use of your beautiful pictures. I hope to be able to use them in some of my quilt projects. Thank you for being so generous.
Stratford, CT, USA - 2009-09-21

very nice
USA - 2009-09-20

wonderful resource, thank you;
kelly hall
hollywood, maryland, usa - 2009-09-20

love it
Coon Rapids, USA - 2009-09-19

Thanks for the lovely photo!
Spartanburg, USA - 2009-09-13

God bless you! for your kindness
August Borba
Orem, Utah, USA - 2009-09-12

They photos are beautiful. thanks for your generosity
Sydney, Australia - 2009-09-11

vellore, india - 2009-09-08

thanx. beautiful pics.
mogwase, south africa - 2009-09-04

Great! Thanks!
Mar Coe
Costa Mesa, Orange County - 2009-09-01

Thank you for the use of the photos--wonderful.
USA - 2009-08-28

I like your site!
paola damonte
lima, Peru - 2009-08-26

I'm using a couple of your photos on my blog,, so I'm just signing to say thanks for the pretty pictures. :)

Muito interessante e imagens bem concretizadas. Obrigado.
Maria Vitória
Lisboa, Portugal - 2009-08-20

Thanks!! This website it's very important to people who need photographs and as a blogger I feel very glad founding it. lol... Thanks again..
Severínia, Brazil - 2009-08-20