Thank you I have used your crisp, clear photo at
Good News Network
Sydney, Oz - 2009-01-20

Lovely photos, thanks for letting me use them
London, UK - 2009-01-19

Thank you very much!Nice images! I plan to use some for commercial use.
United States - 2009-01-15

lovely pictures - I have used some in my free daily quotes
Karen Goddard
Pyreenes, France - 2009-01-14

Beautiful photos, I love it...Thanks
Sweden - 2009-01-12

Your photos are beautiful and you captured the feel of each very well. I am looking for photos to help me with my business right now though spacifically a wharehouse. Thank you though.
Yvonne Coverdale
Adlento, USA - 2009-01-09

Beautiful photos! Thanks somuch for sharing.
Newark, USA - 2009-01-04

Beautiful. Perfect for my Facebook1
Illinois, USA - 2008-12-31

athens, us - 2008-12-24

Magnus, your winter photos are stunning. Thank you for this free service!
Appleton, U.S.A. - 2008-12-19

Thanks very much for this free service you provide. As to all previous comments and I totally agree."it's very rare to come across a service that requires you NOT to sign up or have some form of obligations applied before you can access the photo's" I shall recommend this site to my members and will display a link via email and my websites. Wish you all a Merry Christmas for 2008 and a safe and prosperous New Year.
First Place To See The Sun..., New Zealand - 2008-12-17

Thanks Magnus from photo of lingonberries. It has been used in Finnish Pain Association member issue. Now I’m looking new photo to next number. Liisa Mikkonen
Liisa Mikkonen
Helsinki, Finland - 2008-12-11

So grateful!
Faith Crumbly
Hagerstown, USA - 2008-12-09

These pictures have very good quality, and they are all free of charge and royalty! This is a great site!

I like to play withphotos in the Gimp. These should provide a lot of fun.
New Bern, USA - 2008-12-02

Excellent idea and work!!! Keep it up! It would be great if we could submit our photos to this site!
Emmanuel Higgins
Melbourne, Australia - 2008-11-23

Your pictures are inspring!! Keep up the the excellent work. I love the natural ambience that they radiant. Simply sedative, serene and translucent. A real delight!!!
Earle Watkis
New York, USA - 2008-11-19

Thank you for the beautiful photos and this wonderful service. At last, truly "free" photos with no strings attached, enabling a small club like mine to do projects we can use as fundraisers. It is a dream come true. You're the best!
New York City, USA - 2008-11-16

Your picture of a CAT is none other than a Munchkin, that is a pedigree cat that has short legs! So gorgeous. I am not looking for a cat photo, just love them so checked it out! No photo yet to use, but I do want to applaud you for your generosity and putting up this site - great for people like me that (at this stage) don't have $1 to spend on photos (and then we try to put in an advert for a client and the client does not like the photo!). I found some incredible photos on your site, so I will be back again and again! Thanks, you deserve the best! Warmest wishes
Johannesburg, South Africa - 2008-11-11

Many thanks, your images a great inspiration.
Sydney , Australia - 2008-11-09

These are great photos, thank you!
Winnipeg, MB, Canada - 2008-11-06

Thank You!
Chicago, USA - 2008-11-06

TQ for the generosity.
KLumpur, Malaysia - 2008-11-01

Thank you!
Riverton, USA - 2008-10-19

This is a very beautiful collection. Thank you so much for sharing them.
Carrie Mitchell
Halifax, England - 2008-09-30

york, england - 2008-09-26

Thank you so much for the pictures! I am a missionary in America and I like to collage and make personalized thank you cards. Would it be ok for me to use these pictures to make cards to sell to raise money?
Tyler, Texas, USA - 2008-09-16

Thanks for the great selection of photos. I'm looking for a background for my new website 'home' page and picked birch leaves.
White Mountains, AZ, USA - 2008-09-16

just wanna browse
appleton, usa - 2008-09-15

Great Site! Thanks for your hard work!
Michael Sherwood
Albuquerque, USA - 2008-09-03