Thanks for the photos. They will be used for a church service.
Keith Pierce
Yukon, OK, USA - 2007-11-28

thank you
sydney, australia - 2007-11-28

Clifton Colorado, USA - 2007-11-28

Took a quick look. Very nice. I have no doubt that I will find many photos that I can use. Many thanks
Bill Goldsmith
Toronto, Canada - 2007-11-26

dylan duden
maiden rock, usa - 2007-11-25

Thanks for the free photo.
Jan Wood
Gallatin, USA - 2007-11-24

great photos
carl grace
san-remo, aus - 2007-11-21

Great website! :)
england - 2007-11-21

Helpful for class, thank you!
Villanova, United States - 2007-11-19

I like your photos.
Ralph Stover
Titusville, Florida, USA - 2007-11-17

Have downloaded some of your lovely winter scenes to supplement my own photos in some charity Christmas cards. Particularly like the more abstract ones. THANK YOU!
London, UK - 2007-11-17

I will be using the photos to make jigsaw puzzles to use on my computer
Helen Campbell
Kippa Ring, Australia - 2007-11-16

Using a few pictures for an Advent guide (non-profit).
Lisa Pere
Fort Collins, USA - 2007-11-14

The image will be used in a non profit, non commercial Christian webpage.
Jose Lobo
Hartsville S.C. , U.S. - 2007-11-10

pointpoint background for worship songs
Faith Bible Church
Lansing, MI, USA - 2007-11-09

i hope these are really cool pics
alabama, usa - 2007-11-08

nigeria, nigeria - 2007-11-08

Thanks for the neat pictures
Nasville, USA - 2007-11-07

Thank you for providing such wonderful pictures that we can view or use.
ft. lauderdale, united states - 2007-11-07

I loved seeing them and will probably use some in tapestry bead projects as I am always looking for nice images.
georgia grisolia
van alstyne, USA - 2007-11-05

Nice photos and i love it, thanks a lot i enjoy viewing it
Aileen Ansaldo
Quezon City, Philippines - 2007-11-05

Hello this me and want friend to shear photos and videos with
nana yaw
accra, ghana - 2007-11-02

Helene Stephens
Reading - PA , USA - 2007-11-02

Just browsing for photos to use in my Class Reunion website. I love what I see.
Pauline Byrd
El Dorado Hills, CA, USA - 2007-11-01

very nice, thanks
Larry Christensen
Phoenix, Arizona, USA - 2007-10-30

Loving this site! Nice pics too! Thanks...
London, United Kingdom - 2007-10-30

I am using the photos for a prayer service. Thanks for the use of your photos. Sister Soledad
Sister Soledad Aguilo
Belmont, USA - 2007-10-30

Nice site.
Waterford, USA - 2007-10-27

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Waterford, USA - 2007-10-27

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