Great site - thank you!

Magnus, stort tack för fina bilder! Dina björklöv pryder nu en info broschyr om tyst kunnande och kompetens i Kriminalvården! Vänliga hälsningar Åsa
Åsa Ljusenius
Göteborg, Sweden - 2012-08-22

Thanks so much for these photos! I am a fledgeling book designer doing covers for a small press, and your picture of the alps saved me when we needed to get the cover finished and we ran into problems. The book is called Ice Will Reveal, look for it!
Heather McDougal
Davenport, CA, USA - 2012-07-19

Thanks for sharing your photos. I have used some of your snow photos on a video for YouTube of Claude Debussy's
Nancy Gerst
Apex, North Carolina, USA - 2012-07-14

The captures the beauty of Heavenly Inspiration
Richie Phillips
Oro Valley, U.S.A. - 2012-07-10

Thanks to Linda Rosendahl for letting me use the photo of the Statue of Carl von Linné in my course of English.
Poznan, Poland - 2012-05-31

Saw this site and such beauty in pictures. Have seen a few to show on Facebook. I Have a program to make them oil paintings and will have pleasure in sharing the finished work. Thanks for sharing.
London, England - 2012-05-28

Thanks for being so thoughtful and unselfish. Creative people are able to blossom with a little help from people like you who care.
Joy Elizabeth
Trinidad - 2012-04-27

so very interesting
slc, ut, usa - 2012-04-18

I needed some colorful pictures for a background slideshow. You are wonderful for sharing all these beautiful photos. Thanks so much!
Saratoga Springs, NY, USA - 2012-04-03

Wow! Thank you for this "sharing" site . . .
Jan I C
Manila, Philippines - 2012-04-01

Thanks for doing this. It is a great blessing.
USA - 2012-03-20

I am hoping to find some free photos for bogs
Ottawa, Canada - 2012-02-26

the adress I was about to mention is:
Sweden - 2012-02-25

Hi Magnus. Thanks a lot for providing all these beautiful photos. I've begun painting using one of them as inspiration. Have written about this and also added a link to your site from:
Sweden - 2012-02-25

very helpful website
jamshedpur, India - 2012-02-18

Thanks for the great photos!
Salem, USA - 2012-02-17

I look for free photos for my jigsaw puzzle app. Love these! I downloaded a few and look forward to exploring a few pages each time I visit.
Mandeville LA, USA - 2012-02-12

The Goats are cute
Keira Shona
London, England - 2012-02-08

Really good photos, well enjoyed! many thanks
Keith Elbourn
St Albans, England - 2012-01-30

Very nice photos. I am thinking of starting a free site for photos and graphics. When one gives more than they get, there is such a wonderful return.
Virgil Armentrout
USA - 2012-01-26

Oh my God!!! Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful experience with me. I'm using one of those with the insects on the flowers in a science book for kids in my country. i'll surely mention your name in the acknowledgement. Many thanks again and God bles
Esi Anderson
Kumasi, Ghana - 2012-01-23

just looking right now
Ann Oakley
Sumpter, United States - 2012-01-23

Wonderful pictures, I've used some with mine for a bible slideshow for customers to watch. They enjoy them very much! Thank you that you are so generous! You are helping me to learn how to photograph better.
canada - 2012-01-22

You have some very nice pics here, thanks : )
Jyväskylä, Finland - 2012-01-12

Thanks...what a great service and wonderful photos.
Larry L
Milwaukee, USA - 2012-01-06

All my wish for 2012 Nice Job
Montreal, Canada - 2011-12-26

You have a lot of beauty in these photos thanks.
jerry frohn
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I thought you might like the free pictures at
Paul Houle
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Great photos!
London, UK - 2011-12-08