Nice site!
Singapore, Singapore - 2011-02-07

Super site. Thanks for this. I use the photos for posting in various threads on Care2
Oxtongue Lake, Canada - 2011-02-05

R OBoyle
Anchorage, USA - 2011-02-03

I am a artist and need photos to draw. Thanks for your site.
Wanda Barbee
Concho, USA - 2011-02-03

Thank you so much. Am using as background for poetry.
Pinellas Park, USA - 2011-02-02

Trying to find a free photo for my newsletter
Melissa Jarufe
North Olmsted, USA - 2011-02-01

beautiful! thanks a million!

Thanks a lot! very warm pic!

Thanks for your generosity and the beautiful photographs.
Marjorie H
Atlanta, USA - 2011-01-28

Nice photos, thanks very much for sharing them.
Jim Lewin
Peterborough, England - 2011-01-26

nice to relax refresh my mind with the animal pictures
john hendry
philadelphia, usa - 2011-01-25

A GREAT blessing to find such a variety of photos and be able to use them. They are all great. Shalom!
Tok AK, USA - 2011-01-16

Gret photos. Thanks!
London, England - 2011-01-13

much appreciated, thank you
toronto - 2011-01-11

Great site. Great pictures
Edmonton, Canada - 2011-01-08

Thanks for doing this. i have some I could post. Want more?
Don Rieland
Ferndale, WA, USA - 2011-01-07

Great pictures and easy downloads. Great site!
Byron Kelly
Silver Spring, Maryland, USA - 2011-01-06

I have had a look at several photos ans some of them are quite professional. What a pity there aren't more sites user friendly like this one. Top marks go to you. Cheers
Maffra, Victoria, Australia - 2011-01-02

I'm looking for photos relative to the community college experience
Nelson Venezia
Oceanside Ca. , USA - 2011-01-01

can i present my photos here and how?
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zhengzhou,hennan, china - 2010-12-24

Looking for pics to use for my music tracks thanks.
Ray Mendez DJLB
Miami, United States - 2010-12-23

what's up!
kit xeno
city - 2010-12-13

lets see what you got:-)
Thomas wipplinger
sliema, malta - 2010-12-11

This photo just enchanted me. I'm gonna try to use it. Thanks.

Found some great photos for a Christmas book for my husband
Kapolei, USA - 2010-12-08

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qom, iran - 2010-12-02

always looking for nice photography
Donald L Coker
Lake Worth, Fl, USA - 2010-11-27

Many thanks for your photos, you have worked hard to make them available for others, very much appreciated!!

Thank you for the photos. I use them in lessons for my fourth grade class.
Denise Fletcher
Tucson, United States - 2010-11-12

Thank you for your beautiful photos. I'd like to use some of them for my slide shows I upload on youtube, soundclick, Myspace etc. I'll send you a link to my slideshows each time I upload your photos. Thank you :)
London, UK - 2010-11-11