Really bueatiful photos; I love the photos of nature
Michael Rooney
Castlebar, Ireland - 2010-04-21

I love these pictures
Earlene Mears
Jacksonville, Duval - 2010-04-21

Norma Gammon
Evansville, Indiana - 2010-04-09

thanks lovely pics
antony kidd lawyer
manchester, uk - 2010-04-08

I really like the sight: I'm hoping to use it as much as possible! Thanks so much for putting all these pictures out there for all to use!

Lovely pictures and thanks for letting me download them
England - 2010-03-18

Make postcards for elderly to let them know thought of. Hope to use your pics
Lisbon, United States - 2010-03-16

Thank you for your generosity
Patricia Price
Kelso, United Kingdom - 2010-03-09

great pics. bookmarked for future use... THANK YOU

just found the site. lovely photos. liz
worcester, england - 2010-03-02

Thank you for sharing your wonderful pictures
Lake Zurich, United States - 2010-03-02

thanks for the inspiration
Sacramento, USA - 2010-02-28

Just found your site. Am a photography student. Jus having a look.
Ollie Dowling
Waterford, Ireland - 2010-02-27

very good photo
Delhi, India - 2010-02-23

Great photos
Irvine, CA, USA - 2010-02-22

Thank you. My company wants to provide these images to a local geriatrics doctor so he can use them for therapeutical purposes. If it's not too much trouble to you, could you please send me an email stating the terms of usage? Thank you
Yoojin An
Seoul, Korea - 2010-02-22

Great shots, looks like an excellent site.
Keith Liddell
Sydney, AUSTRALIA - 2010-02-22

Free sites like this help spur greater creativity which can not be owned. Thanks
Fremont, USA - 2010-02-18

I hope this site is truly free.
Omaha, US - 2010-02-16

Hi, thanks for the photo. I use it on my blog (jobs that require travel)
Klang, Malaysia - 2010-02-15

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Castro Valley, USA - 2010-02-11

Wonderful Site. Thank You very much.
Jim Anthony
Kansas City, USA - 2010-02-08

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Thank you so much for this incredible resource!

picture of cracked mud captured perfectly the environmental vandalism I have been a part of.
Kevan Rude
Canberra, Australia - 2010-01-31

The photos you have here are beautiful. I needed a surfer for a new website I am doing. Found it here . Thank you.
Erma MacDonald
Guelph, Ontario, Canada - 2010-01-29

Looking for public domain pictures for our website
Vincent Leone
Phoenix, USA - 2010-01-28

looking for pictures for powerpoint
West Pittston, USA - 2010-01-28

Am compiling 100 public domain poultry pix for the Facebook "101 eggs and more" collecting game -- found 3 good ones here. Thank you!
Yonassan Gershom
Sandstone, MN, USA - 2010-01-26